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Imagine a world where an AI's prime directive is to anticipate and fulfil your needs and desires! creates a customised metaverse for each Asgardian, presenting selected tokens for consumers to collect and redeem. These tokens represent real-world products, services and content across all kinds of need states - safety, shelter, transport, health and fitness, food, work, social, shopping, entertainment, leisure, companionship, information, art and gaming and music.

Asgardians can also create their own tokens, which they can display in the world. These tokens can showcase their identity, provide information, sell products or content and ask for, or offer their services for others to consume.

Asgardians can join tribes and guilds and interact with others in various ways.

Launching Q4 2023 is currently in development. A beta launch in expected in the UK in Q4 2023


Our Team.

We are building a special team to make our vision for a reality. We are looking to hire team members to build the team over the next six months

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

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